#495 - Fired Heater Operation and Safety

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, participants will recognize and be able to respond to typical fired heater problems that may occur during operation.  They will have an understanding of major fired heater components, fired heater safety hazards, and concerns.  Participants will also have a better understanding of fired heater operations and the methods that can be applied to improve operating efficiency. 

Who Should Attend

Unit contact engineers, design engineers, unit supervisors, and unit operators who must understand how to operate a fired heater safely and/or respond to fired heater operating problems.

Course Description

This course is divided into four sections.

Section 1 - Troubleshooting Fired Heater Operations

Section 2 - Safe Operation of a Fired Heater

Section 3 - Optimizing Fired Heater Operation

Section 4 - Operating a Fired Heater

Course Duration

Base course, 2 days.  May also be expanded to include additional time for a field review of fired heater components and operations if the course is conducted at a process plant.