#407 - Designing Reliable Heat Exchangers For New Projects

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand advanced reliability improvement techniques which, if applied at the early stages of project design development, will result in heat exchanger operations and maintenance excellence. At the end of the course, a (optional) half-day workshop is offered during which the course’s methodologies and tools for reliability improvements may be applied to heat exchanger applications defined by course participants.

Who Should Attend

Project, process, and mechanical design engineers working at refineries and major engineering contractors who are responsible for the specification and design of new heat exchangers.

Course Desription

This course presents advanced design features for heat exchangers in critical refinery services that will result in improved operations and mechanical reliability. The following topics are discussed:

Course Duration - 1 day presentation followed by (optional) half-day workshop where the participants will apply the course learning to the resolution of actual heat exchanger problems of their choice.