#406 - Heat Exchangers - Advanced Reliability Course

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how the application of advanced reliability results in up to a 30% decrease of plant heat exchanger annual maintenance costs by revealing and resolving problems with the “bad actor” exchangers. At the end of the course, an (optional) one-day workshop is offered to apply the course’s methodologies and tools to reliability improvements of local heat exchanger problems defined by the course participants.

Who Should Attend

Reliability stewards, technical/operations support department engineers and managers, project engineers, and turnaround planners.

Course Description

This course will present the latest industry achievements in increasing reliability of heat exchangers across the plant through the following topics:

Course Duration - 3-4 days

4 days: 3 days presentation followed by (optional) 1 day workshop where the participants will apply the course learning to the actual resolution of local heat exchanger problems of their choice.