#1210 – Process Design for Process Plant Equipment

Course Objective

This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of process plant equipment design concepts and techniques. Participants completing this course will enhance their understanding of process design and gain practical skills and knowledge in the design of process plant equipment.

Who Should Attend

Process engineers involved in the design, revamp, and operation of refineries, petrochemical, and related oil and gas processing plants. The program is also recommended for plant design and equipment engineers working with engineering companies, process licensors, and equipment manufacturers.

Course Description

Design methods and criteria are presented and discussed to familiarize process engineers with practical techniques (including short-cut methods) for sizing, design, and selection of the main types of process equipment for refineries, petrochemical, and related process plants. The course covers description and definition of hydrocarbons and mixture properties, characterization parameters, and their significance in design of equipment. Basic calculation procedures for design of process equipment with sample examples are presented and discussed to enhance skills in design techniques. Procedures for preparation of process data and equipment design specification requirements, evaluation of proposals, and interaction with equipment manufacturers are discussed. Brief sessions are included on mechanical design aspects and on cost estimating methods to complement background to process design and equipment evaluation and selection aspects.

Course Outline

I.    Introduction

II.   Hydrocarbon Properties

III.  Thermo-VLE General Introduction

IV.  Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

V.  Pumps and Pumping Systems

VI.  Compressors

VII. Process Vessels

VIII. Heat Exchangers

IX. Fired Heaters and Heat Recovery

X.   Ancillary Equipment

XI. Control Valves

XII. Cost Estimating

XIII. Process Design Specifications

XIV. Question and Answer Discussion

Course Duration – 3-5 days