#1620 - An Introduction to Overall Plant Maintenance

Course Objective

In today's environment, process plants are interested in increasing profitability by improving reliability and achieving maintenance excellence.  To attain these ends, new approaches and tools are being used.  The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of overall plant maintenance and turnaround practices that have proven to be effective in increasing plant reliability in a safe and cost effective manner.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and Managers assigned responsibility for maintenance and turnaround planning, cost, and unit reliability.  Participants should have an understanding of their plant's current practices, performance, and opportunities for improvement.

Course Description

This course is divided into two main sections as described below.

Day 1 - Maintenance Practices for Improved Performance

This session introduces a model for achieving excellence in maintenance with a review of each model component.  Such areas as overall philosophy, risk-based decision-making, and work scope justification will be discussed.  Metrics will be introduced for stewarding performance and activities needed for continuous improvement.

Day 2 - Introduction to Turnaround Best Practices

This session will introduce proven practices that have been successfully applied in several key turnaround areas.  The practices for any one area are a composite of practices that have been successfully used by several refineries and are not those of one individual refinery.

Course Duration - 2 days