#1613A - Turnaround Best Practices -
Planning, Scheduling and Management of Shutdowns

Course Objective

Upon completion of this management-training course, participants will understand the practices that have been successfully applied to turnarounds. All the practices that will be presented have proven to be successful in lowering turnaround cost and reducing turnaround duration while still achieving the required plant reliability.

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors involved in turnaround planning, scheduling, and execution.

Course Description

This course will introduce participants to proven practices that have been successfully applied in 19 key turnaround areas. The practices for any one area are a composite of practices that have been successfully used by several refineries and are not those of one individual refinery. No single refinery has implemented all the practices, although some refineries have been successful in implementing a large number of the practices and are striving to implement all of them. Even though the practices are derived from the refining industry, they are equally applicable to other industries that conduct maintenance shutdowns.

Each key turnaround area will be introduced with key elements for that area, followed by practices for the four different turnaround-planning phases: Initial Planning, Detailed Planning, Execution, and Post-Turnaround. The key turnaround areas that will be covered are:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Emphasis will be placed on planning, scheduling, and management of turnarounds. Work selection, which is a key factor to turnaround duration and cost, will be discussed and a methodology presented to optimize the work scope.

Course Duration - Approximately 3 days