Third Party Audits:
Quality Control at the Highest Levels

Quality control is typically referred to as the adherence of a manufactured product to required specifications. However, another and equally important type of quality control deals with performing engineering design audits, i.e., engineering quality control of systems, equipment, and components.

Carmagen Engineering, Inc. performs engineering design audits that bring a high level of quality control to the engineering design process. We accomplish this by identifying deviations from design specifications and accepted engineering practices while the designs are still "on paper" -- before the hardware has been fabricated and installed.

Cost Savings and True Value

Operational challenges faced by owner companies, contractors, and equipment manufacturers have resulted in lower levels of human resources and experience than in the past. These developments require new approaches and solutions to maintain proper performance and quality control.

Carmagen Engineering design audits provide benefits in two ways:

Audit Scope

Carmagen Engineering, Inc. is an independent engineering consulting organization that delivers reviews free of bias for or against any product or technology. Where design alternatives are indicated, we make recommendations based on practicability and technical excellence, without a vested interest in the outcome.

Based on the needs of an engineering situation, a design audit may focus on a small number of critical equipment items, or applied on a wider basis to the design for an entire project. In the latter case, carefully developed screening procedures are used to check contractor and vendor performance on a sampling basis. If discrepancies are found in a particular area, increased attention is directed there and corrective actions are recommended as appropriate.

We've developed plans and executed engineering design audits for major capital projects worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.