Hydroprocessing Unit Surveys

Achieving Excellence — We conduct hydroprocessing unit surveys to identify operational changes and low-cost, high-impact projects that can lead to performance excellence in hydroprocessing units.

We have the capability and experience to deal with hydrocracking units and all other fixed-bed hydrotreating units, especially those treating:

Our Approach To Surveys — A concise team of our process and engineering technology specialists partner with the designated client personnel and conduct an on-site survey of the subject unit. The survey builds upon existing information obtained from equipment drawings, maintenance history records, operational and reliability issues, catalyst performance data, and hydrogen balances.

The focus of the survey is:

Survey Deliverables — Upon completion of a survey, our team meets with refinery management and presents the results, including recommendations that lead to improved unit process performance and mechanical reliability. Final survey documentation is submitted shortly thereafter, and typically includes specific action plans to implement items such as: