Technology Licensing Support

Technology licensing offers an effective means of gaining access to the best available technology required to meet clients' objectives. Maximization of technology licensing benefits requires an understanding of current industry conditions and regulatory climate, an in-depth familiarity with competing technology offerings, and a good working knowledge of the various contractual issues and trade-offs that are fundamental to licensing practice.

Carmagen Engineering, Inc. provides a full range of relevant expert licensing services including the following:

  • Identification of preferred providers of technologies that meet the client's particular needs,
  • Assistance in the preparation of a definitive technical inquiry that will lead to prompt and responsive licensing proposal(s),
  • Evaluation of the business terms in licensing proposal(s),
  • Advice on structuring and/or negotiating agreements for license rights, engineering services, and guarantee provisions that will secure the most favorable outcome for the client.

Our assistance in technology licensing can be provided in conjunction with front-end engineering studies for a project, or on a standalone basis.