Storage Tanks

Our capabilities in storage tank technology encompass the following areas, among others:

  • Development of inspection and maintenance guidelines and procedures
  • Review of new tank designs for compliance with API 650 or API 620 requirements
  • Evaluation of existing atmospheric storage tank condition for compliance with API 653 requirements
  • Analysis of locally corroded regions of tank shell for suitability
  • Evaluation of shell and bottom differential settlement
  • Evaluation of fixed and floating roof systems

Here are a few examples of assignments related to storage tank technology that we have successfully completed:

  • Evaluated the design of an API 620 tank intended for hazardous waste storage. Found fundamental error in vendor's nozzle design computer program which directly affected the required reinforcement.
  • Analyzed 50-year-old pressurized storage spheres for continued operation. Identified fill height limitations based on measured thicknesses.
  • Developed fill height limitations for API 650 tanks based on corroded shell measurements.
  • Demonstrated by stress analysis that severe local shell corrosion at the bottom-to-shell junction did not require downrating of an API 650 tank.
  • Developed design and installation details for adding new nozzles to existing storage tanks.
  • Prepared design and installation specification for a double bottom, secondary containment system for retrofit into atmospheric storage tanks.
  • Prepared inspection and maintenance checklists for use by field personnel.
  • Performed bid conditioning review and later engineering follow-up for two new crude oil storage tanks.
  • Evaluated the condition of storage tank bottoms to determine their suitability for continued service in accordance with API 653 criteria. Developed repair recommendations as required.
  • Performed beta testing of new tank analysis computer program.