Piping Systems

Our capabilities in piping systems technology encompass the following areas, among others:

  • System design and stress analysis
    • Machinery systems
    • Storage tank systems
    • High-temperature refractory-lined piping
    • Safety relief systems
  • Component Design
    • Expansion joints
    • Supports and restraints
  • Evaluation of problems in the field
    • Failure investigation
    • Vibration phenomena
    • Flanged joint reliability
  • Compliance with ASME/ANSI B31 requirements
  • Valve design and selection
  • System component specifications
  • Design and installation procedures
  • Maintenance and reliability considerations

Here are a few examples of assignments related to piping systems technology that we have successfully completed:

  • Analysis of a combination lined and unlined high-temperature system in an FCCU plant.
  • Evaluation of an existing system based on removal of expansion joints to improve reliability.
  • Analysis of an existing multi-pump system for stress and nozzle load acceptability after major piping additions. 
  • Design of new piping systems for installation to existing tall towers by hot tapping.
  • Development of new and revised engineering standards and specifications for piping systems.
  • Development of nozzle hot tapping guidelines and procedures.
  • Failure evaluation of 1500°F furnace outlet piping.
  • Development of spring support design specification.
  • Development of engineering specification for piping flexibility analysis.