Materials Technology Team

Our expert Materials Team has the capabilities and experience to solve your problems in:

Wherever the materials are - in the process plant, pipelines, marine terminals, storage tanks, or elsewhere - we can help.

These are the principal members of our expert Materials Team.

MICHAEL HUMPHRIES, Ph.D. is our principal specialist in metallurgy/process unit corrosion. Tap his knowledge in refinery and pipeline corrosion control and risk-based inspection and maintenance. In addition, Mike is a NACE-Accredited Corrosion Specialist.

HARRY EBERT, PE is our welding expert - ask him anything about welding! His expertise comes with over 50 years of practical experience. He covers welding applications in pressure vessels, piping systems, furnaces, rotating machinery, marine vessels and marine terminal facilities, mining equipment, and the like. Troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, and new construction are just a few of the areas where Harry has applied his knowledge.

JERRY SORELL has over 45 years of experience in materials engineering and corrosion control. He has extensive expertise in high-temperature applications (e.g., incineration, fluidized bed combustion, and gasification technologies).

DON BAGNOLI, another of our senior materials engineers, has over 37 years of experience. His expertise is broad in the areas of failure analysis, high-temperature and low-temperature metallurgy, fitness-for-service evaluations, and materials selection for refineries, petrochemical plants, and LNG facilities.