Fluidized-Solids Unit Technologies Team

The Fluidized-Solids Unit Technologies Team at Carmagen Engineering, Inc., each with over 35 years experience, has the expertise and experience to address all issues in this complex technology including:

Process Engineers

Carmagen's process engineers have extensive experience in FCCU design, startup, operations, operator training, and unit optimization. They have participated in numerous process improvement evaluation studies involving equipment constraints, alternative equipment or operating procedures required to meet objectives, and development of incentives to meet project objectives. In addition, they have also developed operating procedures that have increased unit throughput and run length, and avoided unscheduled shutdowns.

Mechanical Engineers

Our mechanical engineers have specialized FCCU experience that includes the design, startup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of fixed equipment (including vessel internals) and piping systems in FCCUs. Included in this experience is development of mechanical design improvements for vessel internals and slide valves to improve reliability, root cause failure analyses, and detailed stress analysis of vessel internals and refractory lined piping systems.

Materials Engineers

Carmagen's materials engineers commonly work in close association with our mechanical engineers in specifying appropriate materials of construction and refractory lining systems for the high temperature and erosive environments that are typical in FCCUs. They also have extensive experience with typical material degradation mechanisms and failure analyses.

Projects and Troubleshooting

The Fluidized-Solids Unit Technologies Team serves both projects and troubleshooting assignments. Based on specific project circumstances, results can include:

Closely related to the activities of our Fluidized-Solids Unit Technologies Team is the work that Carmagen Engineering, Inc. does in the areas of Hydroprocessing Unit Surveys and FCCU Audits.