Tank Overfill Protection "Better Practices"

By Bob Blundell

The Buncefield and CAPECO terminal explosions – what do these two tragic industry events have in common? Besides costing tens of millions of dollars and injuring dozens of people, both of these storage tank incidents began when:

Though these events occurred several years ago, tank overfills are still one of the most common causes of Losses of Containment in the industry. As companies have begun to recognize the risk of operating storage tanks and spheres, better practices have emerged to address this issue. Here are just a few of the better practices that may be beneficial to consider to protect your facility from a tank overfill and the ensuing consequences of its occurrence. The foundation for a strong system for preventing overfills should include a mix of:


Work Practices

Process Control Computer Capability

These are just some of the recommended practices that can be considered to reduce the potential for tank overfills. Carmagen Engineering has experienced specialists who have the expertise to assist facilities in evaluating their risk of operations and identify further opportunities to reduce the potential for an incident.

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