Changes in API 653, Tank Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction

By Vincent A. Carucci

Two addenda have been issued for the Fourth Edition of API 653 since it was published in April 2009. Addendum 1 was issued August 2010, and Addendum 2 was issued January 2012. The following highlights several of the changes that were made and is not all inclusive. Refer to API 653 for complete information.

Section 2: Referenced Publications

Several new references were added:

Section 3: Definitions

A definition for “door sheet” has been added. It is a plate (or plates) cut from the tank shell to create a temporary access opening. It is to be reinstalled or replaced after work is complete.

Section 4: Suitability for Service

Section 6: Inspection

Significant changes were made to Para. 6.4.2 covering internal inspection intervals in Addendum 1 and again in Addendum 2.

Section 9: Tank Repair and Alteration

Section 13: Marking and Recordkeeping

Para. 13.1.2 is new and provides nameplate requirements for tanks that currently do not have nameplates. Two situations are covered:

Refer to API 653 for details.

Annex F: NDE Requirements Summary

Para. F.2.3 has been modified to require the examiner’s employer to determine and certify that each visual examiner meets API 650 requirements.

Annex X: Duplex Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Added to correspond to tanks constructed per API 650, Appendix X.