Joshua - Canine (Dog Treats, Long Naps) Specialist

Having enjoyed a long and illustrious racing career of four years at a track in Florida, Joshua (a greyhound) elected to accept retirement at the age of five years. Josh just decided that there are much better ways that he could contribute to society than running around a 5/16 mile track at 45 mph a couple of times a week.


Since joining Carmagen Engineering, Inc. near the end of 2014, he has inspired our engineers with his devotion to our company and its clients. He has never missed a day of work (yes, he’s in the office every day and even has his own work area), has lunch at his desk, and often participates in meetings and teleconferences (quietly).

Josh does his part to contribute to our relaxed, but professional, work atmosphere. Our clients, especially our overseas ones, often marvel at his obvious devotion to them and their needs when they visit our office. He impresses everyone with his dedication to setting a new speed record as to how fast he can come in the door and race up the steps to his second floor office.  Josh represents much of Carmagen’s work philosophy: speed, a lean and no nonsense approach to business, and attentiveness to meeting our clients’ needs.