Company History

We started our engineering consulting and technical training firm in 1986. From humble beginnings, and with the highest standards, our small organization began by specializing in mechanical engineering technologies. From day one, Carmagen's service to its clients was based on technical excellence, something that came naturally to our consultants from their many years of service with major oil & gas owner companies. That client orientation is as true today as it was then, and it's seamlessly combined with an unwavering focus to execute assignments on schedule and within budget.

As Carmagen grew to meet the demands of our clients, we expanded the range of technologies for which we could capably and confidently offer comprehensive, cost-effective, expert solutions. Engineering consulting services in the non-process technologies were filled out first. Coverage of the process technologies followed, and project management services soon became a significant part of our practice.

Fast forward to the present.

Today, we offer an on-call staff of more than 180 engineering consultants whose qualifications and experience enable us to provide value-added services to an impressive list of clients in the oil & gas and related industries.

Most recently, we expanded our consulting services to include the Biofuels, Power Generation, Electric Power and Pharmaceutical industries. We have also expanded our capabilities in Technology Applications, Front-End Planning, and Project Execution.

Management Staff